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  • Stationary Chairs

    My classroom is carpeted and my students sit in plastic cube chairs for many activities throughout the day. My students with gross motor delays had trouble getting in and out of the chairs because they would slide on the carpet. By putting strips of velcro on the bottom of each chair, the chairs are unable to slide across the floor. This made it safer for the students to get in and out of their chairs by themselves.

  • Sight Word Fly Swatter Game

    Make practicing sight words fun with this game! Attach the hard side of velcro dots to sight word cards (make fly shaped ones if you want to keep with the theme). Attached the fuzzy side of velcro strips to fly swatters. Lay out a handful of flies on the table. Say a word to your students. The first student to swat the word and read it wins the fly. The person with the most flies at the end of the game wins! Students are sure to love this game!

  • Folder Wallets

    Make these fun "wallets" using folders and Velcro! Simply open your folder and fold it in half at the pockets. Use a bowl to trace a half circle to create the folding part of your wallet. Cut along the line. Add Velcro dots to secure the wallet when it is closed.

    These are great for many different purposes in the classroom. Make a folder for each student to keep cut out pieces for when they don't finish their work. Or, make a folder for each student to keep sight word flashcards or math fact cards in. On the left side of the wallet, keep words/facts that the student needs to learn. On the right side of the wallet, keep words/facts that the student has already mastered. Students think these wallets are super fun!

  • Velcro Helps With Daily School Schedules

    We use Plexiglas sleeves to hold our schedules and room information.

    The Plexiglas sleeves for each class have a box under them that they go into. Teachers can grab their class' sleeve and put it on the wall before the class starts so they can have the information for their specific class all ready to go. They just put the correct plate up to tell others when the class went out or whats happening for that day.

    This helps us all stay organized and prepared for the day. The little Velcro squares on the back make it easy for us to keep our days flowing in a dynamic manner.

  • Students Use Velcro To Learn Alphabet

    Word Wall- Our word wall is stuck on the wall using Velcro. We do this so that when a child glues a word up they can tell the teacher what letter it needs to be alphabetized under. The teacher is then able to take the letter off the wall and the student can glue it on. This is a great tool for our students to learn letters, alphabetizing, and fine motor skills.

  • Security Material

    The Velcro circles that we purchase are in a sense, a life saver.

    When we are on lock-down, I put the sign that is in the picture in a window that faces outside our school towards the parking lot. If everything is good, then green faces out. If something is wrong, for example there is a missing student or there is an intruder in my room, the red side faces out.

    The Velcro that we purchase gives us a feeling of reassurance and security that we will be able to communicate in a stressful or dire situation.

  • Velcro Use In Special Education

    I have a student with special needs. He communicates best through pictures since he has trouble pronouncing the words. I put different tasks on the wall for him to complete and he understands this task by looking at the pictures that are connected to a Velcro Dot. When he completes the task, he takes the picture off the wall.

    This helps my student stay on track and eliminates any confusion that could take place. Velcro Dots make it easy because I can put them back under his name when he is done to start the process over again the next day.

    These Velcro Dots help my student communicate and express himself in the classroom and for that I am truly grateful!

  • Assigning Classroom Responsibilities with Velcro

    We use a lot of Velcro in our classroom. One way that we use it is to assign various classroom responsibilities to different students. For example one day I may assign clean up trash to one student and on the next day I can assign it to another student. The Velcro makes it easy to change out responsibilities so one student doesn't get stuck doing the same thing everyday. We take the Velcro and stick it to the back of the student's name and then I apply their name to the certain task for that day. The Velcro also makes it possible to teach my students different types of responsibilities. Thanks to this material, my students know what they will be doing on that day; It provides structure and organization, which helps the teaching and learning process to flow smoothly.

  • Velcro For Media

    My students use a wireless mic when filming our school's news. I put Velcro on the wireless mics and they get stuck to the wall with the adhesive. This allows the anchors to not have to wear mics during filming. The Velcro we purchase allows our students to obtain or report the information they need without the hassle of having to wear or hold a microphone.

  • Using Command Hooks For Organization

    Organization in Media Technology is imperative for success. When everything is in place and is maintained it is easier to complete the tasks that I have for my students. One great example of how we stay organized is we use 3M Command Hooks to hang up our head phones. The Command Hooks stick well to the painted cinder block walls and when its time to remove the hooks, they come right off without making a mark. Our headphones are always in place and ready to go right when we need them.

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